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In times of stress we often have conflict in our relationships. Whether you are seeking marriage, pre marital, or couples counseling, a counselor can help you work out communication issues, in-law issues, financial arguments, intimacy issues, and many other relationship problems.

Comfort through Loss
Grief and loss are often dealt with differently among family & friends. Emotions may feel like they're in a blender resulting in choices which may negatively affect us. Counseling can help you cope with the mixed emotions and heartache as you grieve the loss.
Addiction Recovery
Alcohol, drug, porn addictions usually wreak havoc in our relationships, causing losses and self doubt. It is not something you have to go through alone. Counseling can assist you and your family in overcoming day at a time.
Women's Issues
There are unique situations and difficulties facing today's woman....whether in relationships, job, roles, female changes, life transitions, self esteem, or keeping up with our outside appearances. These things can put our thoughts & emotions into internal chaos where we lose sight of who we really are. Counseling can help you sort through the distortion and reclaim your true meaning and mystique. Find one of our female counselors.

Faith Renewal

Questioning our walk with God, seeking to understand His plan and direction, finding our true sense of belonging & purpose is a normal process. Strengthening and being confident in our faith can come through compassion, understanding and words of encouragement by a fellow counseling believer. We are here for you.

Child/Teen and Family

Parenting today's child and teenager can prove to be rather stressful. Getting some counseling may really improve your relationships and strengthen your family bond. Do you have difficulty communicating with your teen? Is your child or teen acting out in conflictual or harmful ways? Does your your child have difficulty following through with things?


Not quite sure how you got here? Not sure where you are headed? There are times in life when we get discouraged, down and out and need to regain a sense of directikon. Talk with a counselor to help you find your path again.

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